Top 10 Best Automotive Jack Stands for Car & Truck Reviews In 2021

Under-vehicle repairs can be risky, not unless you have something to prop it safely and securely where it belongs. So, whether you’re a DIYer or professional mechanic, a car jack stand is an indispensable tool in your arsenal. It makes the perfect under-body repair tool. Moreover, car jack stands are pretty compact and lightweight. Hence, you can bring along easily with other roadside equipment.

The hunt for the best car jack stand isn’t easy. And it gets even worse when faced with a multitude of models. Though there’s a wide variety, only a few meet the industry’s safety standards. So, I’m here to remove any doubts by reviewing the best-rated car jack stands for the money. From budget models to heavy lifters, there’s something for you.

Table of the Best Jack Stands Reviews

10. Sunex 1210 10-Ton Low Height Pin Type Jack Stands

Jack Stands

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Sunex isn’t as popular as BIG RED and the likes. But for strength and stability, it sits among the top contenders. The four-leg steel base creates a broader stance. For that, it offers exceptional stability on most surfaces.

Sunex 1210 has a sizeable, V-shaped saddle. Hence, it can cradle axles and other components comfortably. I want to commend Sunex for using heavy-walled pipes for the frame. It can take a beating. Moreover, a pair supports up to 10 tons.

Sunex 1210 offers a 4-position height adjustment. It uses a pin lock to secure and raise the saddle from 11-17.3 inches. Also, the pin remains attached to the frame, so you don’t misplace it.

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9. BIG RED T43004 Torin Aluminum Jack Stands

Aluminum Jack Stands

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BIG RED is pretty much the pioneer of car jack stands. And for the time that I’ve known it, it never disappoints. Though not the best in the lineup of BIG RED jack stands, T43004 edges out most contenders.

BIG RED T43004 comes in high-grade aluminum. Hence, it’s light and robust at the same time, supporting up to 3 tons. T43004 has a sizeable saddle for better contact and a broad foot base for stability. I like that you can remove the base for easy storage.

This jack stand has 6-position heights, from 10-3/4 to 15-5/8 inches. Also, the lock pin attaches to the base, so you don’t lose it.

8. OTC 1780 22-Ton Jack Stands

OTC 1780 22-Ton Jack Stands

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Where strength matters, I’d give it to OTC 1780. It’s among the models that lead the pack for the best weight limit. Well, OTC 1780 supports a whopping 22 tons. So, it does more than cars. You can use it to prop heavy commercials, including trucks and trailers.

This jack stand has a sizeable saddle. But it’s pretty much what you’d get from other models. I think the 11-inch base is what makes it stand out. It’s broader and sits flat to keep the stand from digging into the round.

OTC 1780 offers three height levels adjustable in 3-inch intervals. It enables you to raise the saddle from 13-7/8 to 19-7/8 inches.

7. ESCO 3-Ton Low Profile Performance Jack Stand

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Curved saddles allow the frame of your car to cradle in nice and smooth. But there are times when the frame demands more protection. For that, you have the ESCO 10499 car jack stand.

ESCO 10499 has a sizeable saddle with a flat, rubber top. Hence, it cushions the frame of the vehicle. Also, things like scratches are improbable.

The three-legged base also has a broader stance and flat feet. Hence, it sits stable and doesn’t dig into soft ground.

Well, ESCO 10499 is a low-profile jack stand. So, it can fit under low-ground clearance vehicles. It has seven adjustable positions, from 11-17 inches.

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6. Omega 32225B Black 22-Ton Heavy Duty Jack Stand

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Omega 32225B and OTC 1780 share the same thing. They’re both heavy-duty performers, supporting an impressive 22 pounds. Omega 32225B boasts solid construction. It comes in heavy-gauge, welded steel. Hence, it can take all the weight without twisting.

This jack stand has a curved saddle to keep the frame in position. Moreover, it has a flat 11-inch base to keep it from sinking into soft ground.

The height range is pretty close to that of OTC 1780. You can raise it from 13-1/3 to 19-2/8 inches. Also, Omega 32225B comes with a built-in handle for transportation.

5. CARTMAN 2-Ton Jack Stands with Outer Footpad

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Pin-style jack stands are almost indestructible. Though not as strong, the ratchet-style car jack stand provides quick height adjustments. Also, it offers more room for fine-tuning the height. Well, CARTMAN is one such jack stand.

CARTMAN comes in high-grade forged steel. Unlike cast iron, it’s stronger and a lot more durable. Also, it meets ANSI safety standards to keep you reassured.

This jack stand has a curved saddle. Hence, there’s zero chance the frame of the vehicle will slide off. Moreover, the four legs are spread out, and each has footpads. So, stability is assured on most flat surfaces.

The ratchet mechanism is pretty quick and allows you to raise the saddle in smaller increments. As for the height range, it’s 11-17 inches.

4. Pro-LifT T-6906D 6-Ton Double-Pin Jack Stand

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Well, both ratchet and pin-style car jack stands have their strengths. Pro-Lift T-6906D thought it best to provide the best of both worlds. It combines a ratchet handle lock and a pin-style lock.

The base comes in stamped steel. It’s pretty sturdy and widens at the bottom for stability. As for the ratchet bar, it comes in cast ductile iron. It’s a material that has exceptional resistance to impact, fatigue, and wear. So, it easily exceeds both ANSI and PALD safety standards.

Also, Pro-Lift has a curved saddle to secure the car in position. You can raise it from 16-23 inches. Well, judging from the minimum height, I wouldn’t recommend it for low-ground clearance vehicles. But for SUVs, it will work fine.

Notably, Pro-Lift T-6906D is the best-rated car jack stand. Also, it leads the pack on the durability scale.

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3. BIG RED T42002A Torin 2-Ton Steel Jack Stands

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Like Pro-Lift, BIG RED T4002A uses a double-pin system that promises to increase safety by 200%. And like other BIG RED jack stands, it provides an affordable quality you can count on.

The double-lock system provides more than safety. It also allows for more versatile use. For instance, it enables the jack stand to fit a wide range of vehicles.

BOG RED T4002A comes in heavy-duty steel, except for the ratchet bar that comes in forded iron. And with industrial-grade welding, it promises a long service life.

A wide, pyramid-style base provides stability. The sizeable curved saddle, on the other hand, offers a better contact point with the load.

The saw-tooth ratchet bar makes height adjustments a lot quicker. You get a lifting range of 10-13/16 to 16-9/16 inches. Well, considering the minimum height, this jack stand can fit low-ground clearance vehicles. Also, it meets ASME standards for safety.

2. AmazonBasics SW-STJK06 6-Ton Auto Steel Jack Stands

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The SW-STJK06 is another popular car jack stand from AmazonBasics. It has the signature BIG RED color, but with a few tweaks in the design.

This jack stand comes in steel complete with rustproof coating. Also, it has a square-shaped pyramid base for stability. Like most jack stands on the list, it has a sizeable U-shaped saddle. Hence, it creates a stable contact with the supported load.

The self-locking ratchet speeds up height adjustments. Also, it makes it easy to set the stands to the same height. This jack stand has a lifting range of 11-17 inches.

Notably, this jack stand meets ASME safety standards. Hence, you can use it with confidence.

1. BIG RED T41202 Torin 12-Ton Steel Jack Stands

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At the top of the list is 2020s best-seller, the BIG RED T41202. This jack stand is popular for valid reasons.

First, it surpasses the weight limit of other jack stands with the same design. At 12 tons, it has what it takes to support light-duty trucks. Also, such a weight limit allows it to handle a wide range of vehicles.

The welded steel frame and the high-grade forged steel ratchet bar are to thank for the sturdy, durable design. Each comes complete with rustproof coating for increased service life.

The wide pyramid base provides a stable footing. It can support a massive weight without twisting or sinking into the ground. Also, you get a sizeable saddle surface area for better contact.

Well, BIG RED T41202 uses a ratchet mechanism for quick height adjustments. It locks itself into place, eliminating the need to slide in locking pins.

The height range of this car jack stand is pretty much on the higher end. It rises from 18-5/16 to 28-1/8 inches. Hence, it’s unlikely to fit under low-ground clearance cars. So, it’s a decent choice for SUVs and other high-clearance cars. Furthermore, this jack stand meets ASME standards. Hence, it meets the criteria for safety and reliability.

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