Top 10 Best Chain Saw Helmets Reviews In 2021

While working with a chainsaw, you will have to deal with a lot of elements. It can range from flying debris to high noise. To prevent all these, you can make use of chainsaw helmets. It helps to protect from any kind of impact and can be ideal for professional use. Chainsaw helmets deliver exceptional performance and help to protect your face, ears, and eyes. It is a very dependable product and comes with heavy-duty construction. Check out the following list of the top 10 best saw helmets to buy.

Table of the Best Chain Saw Helmets Reviews

10. TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet


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These chainsaw helmets are great if you work with trimmers, chainsaws, and brush cutters. This 5-in-1 product comes with adjustable earmuffs, mesh visor, and is perfect for any job requiring necessary protection. Moreover, it fits perfectly on the head, and the dial knob also helps in adjusting the circumference. Having imported material and recyclable forms, the product will surely provide safety, preventing any direct harm.

The product is very lightweight, and you won’t feel much load or pressure on the head. The plastic mesh visors are interchangeable and work as a shield protecting debris, chemicals, and more. Furthermore, the product is also approved by the health standard and has a good rating as well.


  • Adjustable straps and easy weight design.
  • Advanced sturdy design with improved protection.
  • Highly durable, advanced quality material.
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9. Husqvarna Forest Head Protection Helmet


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Do you have a job where you have to deal with dangerous chemicals or similar things? If yes, these UV protected chainsaw helmets are a universal-sized product that protects you from working with hazardous items. This orange-colored equipment has 6 point suspension and slips adjustment. Moreover, the mesh front allows full vision as well as protection from working in a dangerous environment.

It also comes with a cotton sweatband having a proper coating. This helps in the maximum absorption of sweat as well. The product also comes with a rain neck protector, hearing protectors, mesh face visor, and rain shield. Furthermore, it does meet the health standards providing full security.


  • Easy maintainable detachable construction.
  • Improved safety design with improved resistant features.
  • Highly durable, premium grade material.

8. Pfanner Integral Arborist Helmet


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Working with hazardous substances can prove to be risky. But it is necessary to use safety equipment and tools. Here is one such product that takes care of your safety while you work with such hazards. This device is a universal fit and easily fits almost all heads. Even if you are working in sloping or overhead positions, the device won’t come off. Moreover, it also comes with ear and face protection that is worn just like a shield.

With mesh cover, it allows proper ventilation passing through the face and ears, allowing easy breathability. The material also absorbs sweat as much it can, preventing it from getting wet inside. Furthermore, the ear muffs provided are removable, and you can easily adjust the equipment with your fingers themselves.


  • High resistant design and durable.
  • Separable structure and effortlessly maintainable.
  • Multifunctional design with added comfort.

7. Oregon Chainsaw Safety Protective Helmet


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Protecting your head with a safety device is of utmost importance while working under debris or construction site. It will secure your head from falling branches or debris. This sturdy and robust chain saw helmet prevents your whole face from flying chips, sawdust, or falling scrapes. Moreover, the front face mesh visor and ear muffs secure you from such mishaps and are quite durable.

The stainless steel mesh visor can be easily flipped up and down and are light in weight. Furthermore, there are six ventilation holes and 6 points for adjusting the harness, making it easy to wear. This yellow-colored device is a great choice if you are looking for safety headgear for yourself.


  • Easy weight design and effortless transferable.
  • Unique detachable design with improved durability.
  • Ergonomic design with superior protection.

6. NoCry Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet


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Looking for safety headgear that protects your full face and head from falling debris? Well, here is the product that guards you against any injury from sharp tools.  It also comes with an adjustable metal mesh visor and a face shield for extra double protection. Moreover, the head of the products easily adjusts to any head circumference. The earmuffs can be rotated back and fro, allowing six possible combinations to wear it.

It hardly takes a few minutes to adjust the safety gear and head with all safety protection guards. Furthermore, all the products’ various parts are tested separately and then verified by the health standards.  Professionals also use it for head protection.


  • High performance, superior quality material.
  • Multi-use design with secure straps.
  • Easy weight and multi-application design.

5. Pfanner Protos Integral Helmet


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It is very risky to have a job that requires working with hazardous elements or flying debris. If you are among the ones who do such jobs, these chainsaw helmets are the best protective gear. It not only protects your head but also guards your neck, ears, and face. Moreover, it comes with a face mesh visor and earmuffs, allowing proper ventilation for easy breathability.

The tight and secured grip makes it safe to use comfortably. Moreover, the headgear is adjusted according to the head circumference. The vents provided are also adjustable, allowing the wearer to open and close as per requirement. Furthermore, it is also light in weight, preventing any kind of pressure after wearing it.


  • Improved performance with improved resistant features.
  • Easy weight design with adaptable features.
  • Advanced-grade material with superior durability.

4. Felled Forestry Safety Helmet


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It is very tough to work undermining construction sites or doing welding and automotive paintings. It requires proper safety protection and guards that would not injure you. Here is the product that does the same. Moreover, the product comes with 6 point suspension, keeping in mind safety as well as comfortability. It is also a custom fit product having high resistance to impact. The face visor provides full-face protection acting as a shield.

The earmuffs are very light and reduce the noise levels to an extent. Furthermore, it can also quickly flip up and down, allowing it to use as per convenience and comfortability. The inclusion has a metal mesh visor, protective headgear, ear muffs, and polycarbonate visor and instructions manual for easy assembly.


  • Long-lasting comfort with extra padded interiors.
  • Superior safety standards for enhanced protection.
  • Finest quality material with long-lasting durability.
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3.MESTUDIO Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet


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This is a heavy-duty strong, sturdy hat to protect your head from flying debris, face, and ear from sawdust and chips. Moreover, these chainsaw helmets also come with a mesh visor acting as an eye and faceguard. The earmuffs are removable, and the hard hat securely firms and grips your head. The dial knob also allows you to adjust the head circumference as per requirement.

ANSI and CE approved product has a good rating, ensuring your loved ones’ safety and security. Furthermore, the breathable mesh visor allows you to have airflow from all sides. The visor flips in and out, and earmuffs are also removable enabling several adjustability options to wear it.


  • Secure fit bands and easily modifiable.
  • Easy weight design with long-term durability.
  • Multi-application design with enhanced safety features.

2. Lincoln Electric Professional Headgear


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Have you faced any risk of falling branches or debris on your head or dust saw entering your eyes? Well, if this is the scenario you face daily, then you must own a chain saw helmet allowing full face and neck protection. This product with a hard hat has a transparent polycarbonate visor, which is thicker than a normal face shield.

Moreover, a cushion is provided in the front and back of the head, ensuring comfortability while wearing it for a long time. It also helps in distributing the weight evenly. The stylish and modern headgear allows you to loosen or tighten it securing your head. Furthermore, it also meets all the safety and health compliances.


  • Resistant design with improved resistivity.
  • Long-lasting, premium grade material.
  • Adjustable configuration and easily maintainable.

1. NEIKO 5-in-1 Forestry Safety Helmet


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Heavy duty and impact resistant hard hat is the perfect safety gear for you while working at the construction site. It comes with a foam band, soft lining, and cushioned ear muffs allowing comfort with safety. Whether you are working on a sloppy area or had to keep your head up, the helmet would not come off. It also provides maximum face and head protection.

The product also meets the compliance standards of ANSI and is CE certified, ensuring high-quality safety performance. Furthermore, it also hardly takes 5 minutes to assemble the product and is ready to use.


  • Multi-application design and maintainable.
  • Highly protective design with enhanced safety features.
  • Easy weight design and effortlessly maneuverable.


Chainsaw helmets come in different sizes, and you need to see if it offers you a perfect fit. Some of it can come with a built-in ventilation system that helps to improve airflow. You will also find the one that can come with a strong mesh face visor so that there can be perfect coverage. Select the one that delivers reliable performance and is composed of high-quality materials.

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