Top 10 Best Battery-Powered & Electric Grease Guns Reviews In 2021

Most machines with moving parts demand proper lubrication. But for a guy like me, there’s a ton of things I hate about manual greasing. It’s messy, tedious, and often time-consuming for heavy-duty tasks. Also, precision is a bit wanting, especially when lubricating hard-to-reach fittings. But with the game-changing electric grease guns, you can afford to look forward to such tasks. It’s faster, precise, and injects grease at high pressures.

Be it a DIYer, repair person, or a professional mechanic, the best electric grease gun for the job counts a lot. After all, everyone wants the best possible performance for each penny spent. That said, I introduce you to the best-rated electric grease guns for the money.

Table of the Best Electric Grease Guns Reviews

10. Performance Tool W50014 14.4V Cordless Grease Gun

Electric Grease Guns

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W50014 is the cheapest electric grease gun on the list. But that shouldn’t be mistaken for inferior quality and performance. On the contrary, it performs way above its price point.

I should commend this grease gun for excellent ergonomics. It’s on the lighter side and pretty much well-balanced. Hence, it takes fatigue off your arms. Moreover, it gives you an easy time accessing hard-to-reach fittings.

At maximum pressure of 7000 psi, it dispenses 3oz of grease per minute. It isn’t the best flow rate out there, but impressive all the same. So, I’d recommend it for light to medium tasks.

W50014 runs on a 14.4V Ni-Cad battery. Well, it doesn’t hold its charge as long as lithium counterparts. But it compensates for with a fast charging time of only one hour.


W50014 isn’t the most powerful out there. But it’s the best budget buy for light to medium tasks.

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9. Lincoln Lubrication 12 Volt DC Battery-Operated Grease Gun with Case & Charger

Battery-Operated Grease Gun

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Lincoln is no new name in the world of electric grease guns. It has a decent line of performance-oriented grease guns. But if you are after the most affordable, then Lincoln 1242 is the one.

This grease gun is compatible with standard 14oz cartridges. Using a 12 volt DC battery, it dispenses grease at 6000 psi. Moreover, the battery is rechargeable and lasts five cartridges on a single charge.

Like W50014, it has a 30-inch flexible hose. Though I’ve seen longer ones, it more than serves its purpose. Also, it’s well-balanced for those hard-to-reach fittings. Alongside the grease gun, you get a carrying case. It has dedicated slots for the grease gun, two cartridges, and one battery.


This grease gun is from a good brand name with quite a reputation for quality. It’s easy to use and offers excellent value for money.

8. Workforce MEGA POWER 12V Battery Operated Grease Gun

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I’m the type that appreciates the accessories that come with a grease gun. For me, the more the accessories, the better. After all, it will save you a ton of additional expenses. Regarding that, I’d go for Workforce Mega Power L1380 electric grease gun.

This grease gun has a comprehensive accessories pack. It includes two batteries for more run time. Alongside that is a shoulder strap. It not only takes the fatigue off your arms but also provides easy portability.

Performance-wise, Mega Power L1380 doesn’t disappoint. It lives up to its name, operating at an impressive 6000 psi. Moreover, it delivers 3oz of grease per minute.

Furthermore, this grease gun supports bulk loading. As such, it lightens the work even further. Notably, it holds standard 14oz cartridges. Lest I forget, the package includes a carrying case. Hence, you can pack your grease gun, cartridges, and battery for use anywhere.


Mega Power L1380 doesn’t have the power to rival high-end models. But it pretty much excels at its job. I’d recommend it to those looking for more portability in a grease gun.

7. Lincoln 1884 20V Li-Ion PowerLuber Dual Battery Grease Gun with Charger

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Lincoln 1884 is a pretty nice jump from your average electric grease gun. Outstanding power, smart design, and ample room for adjustments certainly give it an edge.

Thanks to two batteries, Lincoln 1884 has one of the best run time. Also, it keeps you in full control as you can adjust the speed. Notably, there are two speeds for high and low-volume dispensing. At high torque, Lincoln 1884 operates at 10000 psi. Hence, it makes light work of the heavy-duty greasing task.

Moreover, this grease gun comes with an LCD screen. It affords a multi-functional display for grease output and battery charge. Not to mention, it warns you regarding blocked fittings and loss of prime.

Thanks to a 3-point base, Lincoln 1884 rewards users with remarkable stability. It can stand on its own for easy handling and cleaning. Furthermore, it has a built-in LED light for working in dark spaces.

The package includes a carrying case. So, you can store and transport everything with great ease.


It’s hard not to love Lincoln 1884 grease gun. It’s entirely flawless with a remarkable power to match. Overall, if you need extended run time and complete control, Lincoln 1884 will suffice.

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6. Ryobi P3410 18V Volt Cordless Grease Guns

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Most grease guns pack remarkable power, but with a weight penalty. But with Ryobi P3410, it’s a different thing altogether. It packs a punch but sits lighter for user comfort. Ryobi P3410 not only takes pride in its compact size but also in the durable grease tube. It comes in steel; hence it can take quite a beating.

The rechargeable battery lasts 19 cartridges per charge. Also, it delivers 7.5oz per minute, which is double the flow rate of standard models. And at 10000 psi, it can easily power through clogged fittings.

While the likes of Lincoln 1884 use an LCD screen to gauge the amount of grease left, Ryobi P3410 uses plunger rod markings. It’s not as high-tech, but pretty much effective.

Furthermore, you get onboard LED light. Hence, darkness is no hindrance to using this electric grease gun.


Ryobi is a respectable name in the power tools industry. And I’m happy to say that P3410 grease gun lives up to the brand’s reputation. It’s powerful and rewards you with a user-friendly design.

5. ALEMITE, 596A1, 596-A1 Battery-Powered Grease Gun

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Given a chance, most people would opt for world-class brand names, such as Dewalt, Ryobi, and Milwaukee. Well, it’s pretty much understandable as they provide a level of quality second to none. But for the most powerful electric grease gun, the price goes to ALEMITE 596A1.

This grease gun has a working pressure of 10000 psi. Moreover, you can adjust the flow rate from 4-6oz per minute.

But the sweet spot lies with its superior battery charge. Using a 20V lithium battery, it can last an outstanding 24 grease cartridges at low speed. Well, that’s more than you get from other cordless counterparts. Also, it has a patented airflow technology that increases the life of the motor and the battery.

Also, ALEMITE grease gun avoids surprises, including running out of grease or battery charge. Like Lincoln 1884, it uses an LCD screen to indicate the amount of charge and grease remaining. Also, it goes the extra mile to alert you in the event of blocked fittings.

Furthermore, this grease gun gives multiple ways to load. You can do it via cartridge, bulk, or suction. Moreover, there’s an LED light for nighttime operation.


ALEMITE 596A1 is hands down the most powerful single-speed cordless grease gun out there. So, I’d recommend it to anyone looking for the highest grease delivery.

4. Lumax LX-1175 12V Battery Cordless Grease Gun

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Lumax promises quality products built to the highest standards. Well, I’m happy to say that this grease gun lives up to the brand’s promise. It offers balanced ergonomics and performance at an affordable price.

LX-1175 rewards you with lightweight yet durable construction. The chrome-plated barrel, for instance, offers maximum protection against corrosion. Though not as solidly built as the likes of Dewalt, it’s more than impressive for the price.

This grease gun delivers 7000 psi and a flow rate of 3.5oz per minute. Once charged, the battery can last over five grease cartridges.


Alongside the W50014 grease gun, I’ll settle for the LX-1175 as the best budget buys out there. It’s a lot comfortable on your hands and promises years of use.

3. Lincoln AC2440 120V Electric Corded Grease Gun

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If your job doesn’t demand lots of movement, then it won’t hurt to settle for a corded grease gun. Since it doesn’t use batteries, it’s lighter and rewards you with unlimited run time. Well, for the best-corded grease gun, I’ll recommend Lincoln AC2440.

The unlimited power and run time make it ideal for filling large grease reservoirs. Also, it has a high torque value, up to 7500 psi.

Despite packing a powerful punch, Lincoln AC2440 provides excellent flow control. And it achieves that via a variable 2-speed transmission.

The power cord measures 6 feet long. Hence, it offers enough working radius. And with a compact size, it can fit tight spaces. Lincoln AC2440 works with standard 14oz cartridges.


Lincoln AC2440 provides relentless power and excellent control. I’d recommend it for heavy-duty industrial applications.

2. Milwaukee 2646-20 M18 2-Spd Grease Gun Bare Tool

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Milwaukee 2646 needs no introduction. It’s a cordless grease gun optimized for speed and precision. This cordless grease gun promises a flow rate of 10oz per minute at 10000 psi. Such an amount of pressure and flow rate makes it ideal for clogged fittings. Also, it uses an 18V lithium battery, lasting up to 10 grease cartridges.

Milwaukee 2646 is built for precision. It has a 2-speed trigger. Hence, you can switch between fast and slow grease delivery.

But of all features, I love the pre-set grease counter the most. It allows you to dial the number of shots from 1-50. It’s a pretty handy feature, particularly for newbies. Moreover, it comes with a marked plunger rod. Hence, you can easily tell the amount of grease left in the barrel.

There are an LED light and a shoulder strap for easy portability. Also, the package includes an extra-long 48-inch hose to provide more reach.


Thanks to its ability to dispense a pre-set amount of grease, I’d give this grease gun the top slot in terms of precision. So, if accuracy and speed are what you need, Milwaukee is your top choice.

1. DEWALT DCGG571M1 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun

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There’s one common trend in the power tool segment. When it comes to the best sellers, Dewalt is among those brands that take center stage. Interestingly, the same goes for electric grease guns, since Dewalt DCGG571M1 emerges as the most popular.

Well, this grease gun doesn’t only pride itself as the best- seller. It has cutting-edge features that put it one step ahead of other competition.

The 20V lithium battery promises extended run time, lasting up to 16 cartridges. Also, it achieves a maximum pressure of 10000 psi and a grease delivery rate of 5oz per minute.

Moreover, Dewalt gives you control over the flow rate, thanks to the variable speed trigger. But I think the anti-debris mechanism is one feature that sets it apart. It reduces the risk of damages resulting from dirt.

The extra-long 42-inch hose provides more reach. Also, there’s an integrated LED light for low light situations. The package comes with extras, including a shoulder strap and a battery charger.


This electric grease from a name you can trust and the numbers tell it all. Overall, if you need a perfect balance of speed, precision, and durability, Dewalt DCGG571M1 is up for the task.

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