Top 10 Best Electric Meat Slicers for Home and Commercial Use Reviews

Sliced meat can largely enhance the flavor of your foods. To most, it has become a staple of every meal. From pasta, sandwich, to cold cuts, you see it everywhere. But getting that perfect slice manually can be a tedious task. As such, tools such as knives won’t do you much good. What you need is a meat slicer. Aside from being efficient and easy to use, it offers uniformity and the thinnest slices possible. Contrary to its name, the electric meat slicers can cut all sorts of food, including cheese, bread, vegetables, and fruits. But there’s a range of different meat slicers with different capabilities. So, choosing the best meat slicer for home use can be quite overwhelming.

Well, this article offers a comprehensive review of the best models available on the market. Hopefully, it will help you find a decent meat slicer that matches your needs and budget.

Table of the Best Electric Meat Slicers Reviews

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10. OSTBA Electric Meat Slicers – Food Slicer Machine for Meat, Cheese, Bread

Electric Meat Slicers

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OSTBA meat slicer makes you a good chef in the comfort of your home. It’s not as bulky as commercial meat slicers. Hence, you can carry and put away easily. Despite the small size, it has remarkable slicing power. The 150 watts motor makes light work of tough turkey breasts and beef briskets. Also, this meat slicer uses a 7.5-inch universal blade. That makes it pretty versatile. It can slice anything from meat, bread, cheese, to ham.

Moreover, it has an adjustable thickness. From paper-thin slices to 3/4-inch cuts, this meat slicer is up for the task. Most of the parts are removable, making sanitation a breeze. Suction cups provide a better grip to keep it in place while using.

Special Features

  • 5-inch universal blade for slices most type of foods
  • Compact space-saving design makes it easy to carry and put away
  • Suction cups maximize stability

9. NESCO FS-250 Stainless Steel Food Slicer Machine

NESCO FS-250 Stainless Steel Food Slicer

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Nesco meat slicers fare better than others. Well, FS-250 is no exception. It boasts 180 watts motor and 8.7-inch blade. The 8.7-inch blade is among the largest for a consumer-grade meat slicer. Hence, it doesn’t need as much rotation as smaller blades. As such, it cuts more for the same level of output. Thanks to serrated edges, it makes light work of tough meats and crusty bread.

The FS-250 offers variable thickness. You can get deli slices to 9/16-inch cuts. Another feature unique to this meat slicer is the recessed power switch. It reduces the likelihood of accidents. At full power, this meat slicer has a noise level of 62 dB. Therefore, it’s among the quietest out there. Though it’s among the heaviest in its class, it’s still light enough to move around. Not to mention, the heavy design provides stability while slicing.

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Special Features

  • Large blade size cuts more for the same level of output
  • The heavy design makes it pretty stable yet light enough to move around
  • Low noise level of 62 dB

8. Gourmia GFS700 Professional Electric Food Slicers & Electric Meat Slicers

Gourmia GFS700 Professional Electric Food Slicers & Electric Meat Slicers

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The power of Gourmia kitchen appliances is matched by a few. Well, the GFS700 meat slicer doesn’t disappoint either. It has a sharp 7.5-inch stainless steel blade and 180 watts motor. Hence, it’s a decent home-grade meat slicer that offers high yield slicing power.

Prime coated steel and die-cast aluminium offer heavy-duty performance. Also, it can produce slices from paper-thin to 3/4 inches thick. Again, it comes with suctions cups, making it easy to fix to your countertop. Overall, it’s among the best for someone who doesn’t want to spend a fortune.

Special Features

  • Die-cast aluminium construction guarantees the heavy-duty performance
  • 180 watts motor offers high yield slicing power for a home-grade meat slicer
  • Suction cups make it easier to fix on your countertop

7. Chefman Die-Cast Compact Electric Deli Food Slicer

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Though fairly noisy, this meat slicer is among the sturdiest. It has die-cast aluminium housing that’s easy to clean and can take a beating. Moreover, this meat slicer has a strong 180 watts motor. Together with a 7.5-inch blade, it can handle a variety of foods.

An adjustable thickness dial offers deli-thin to extra-thick slices. The cuts are so precise you don’t need to monitor the thickness gauge. What’s more, this meat slicer has heat output vents. Therefore, the motor runs cool for longer. At 9 x 12 inches, it has a pretty small footprint to save countertop space.

Special Features

  • Sturdy die-cast aluminium housing
  • Built-in heat vents cool off the motor
  • Thickness gauge for precise slicing

6. Oneisall Electric Meat Slicers – Thickness Deli Slicer for Meat, Cheese

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Two interchangeable blades make this food slicer more convenient. You can choose the serrated blade for tough meats and bread. As for the fine edge blade, it offers thin slices without tearing. The blades come in 304 stainless steel. Hence, they’re resistant to rust and corrosion. Also, you can adjust the thickness of the slices to 3/4 inches thick.

A good part of the machine is removable. Hence, it’s much easier to clean. Not to mention, it includes food pusher for more thorough cleaning. Even with the powerful 150 watts motor, this meat slicer runs pretty quietly. It comes with suction cups for better stability.

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Special Features

  • Two interchangeable blades accommodate different types of food
  • Food pusher for thorough cleaning
  • 304 stainless steel blades are resistant to rust and corrosion

5. Super Deal Commercial Stainless Steel Semi-Auto Meat Slicer

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Super Deal meat slicer packs 240 watts of slicing power. Hence, it’s ideal for both home and commercial use. But unlike most commercial meat slicers, it’s pretty compact and light. You can place it on your countertop or fit in a cabinet after use. It has up to 15 thickness options, giving you complete control. You can get ultra-fine slices to cuts as thick as 1.2 inches.

Moreover, this meat slicer uses a razor-sharp 10-inch blade for consistent cuts. Not to mention, it has a built-in sharper rarely found in most models. The extra-large tray is another feature unique to this food slicer. At 8 x 7 inches, it can hold anything from pepperoni to large hams. Except for the plastic shield, this meat slicer adopts heavy-duty materials.

Special Features

  • 240 watts slicing power for home and commercial use
  • 15 thickness options range from deli thin to 1.2 inches
  • Built-in sharpener maintains a razor-sharp edge
  • The extra-large tray holds large pieces of meat

4. CUSIMAX Electric Meat Slicer & Electric Food Slicer

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Are you the kind of person that prefers all in one? If then, you’re in for a treat. This home-grade meat slicer has all the features you need. At 200 watts, it’s among the most powerful in its class. Also, it boasts a grade 420 stainless steel blade. Not only does it have the highest hardness, but it’s also lighter. It can slice anything from chicken, ham, cheese, to vegetables. Moreover, it offers an adjustable thickness of up to 3/4 inches for a perfect slice.

Again, this meat slicer adopts a belt and bearing drive system. It’s more durable than gear drive models. Not to mention, it requires no lubricants. Furthermore, it has four silicone feet for non-skid performance.

Special Features

  • Belt-drive system for durability and low noise level
  • 420 stainless steel blade is lighter yet offers the highest hardness
  • 200 watts motor makes it a powerful home-grade meat slicer

3. CukAid Electric Meat Slicer Machine

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So far, most models manage a slicing thickness of up to 3/4 inches. But if you want to go thicker, this meat slicer is your best bet. It has an adjustable slicing thickness of up to 7/8 inches. Instead of standard stainless steel blades, it uses 7.5-inch ceramic coated 420 stainless steel. It’s a lot harder, durable, and light. Also, the ceramic coat offers non-stick performance.

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Moreover, this meat slicer adopts a belt-driven system. It requires less maintenance, making it more reliable and durable. Furthermore, it has silicone suction cups to keep it from sliding.

Special Features

  • Quiet belt-drive system requires little to zero maintenance
  • Wide slicing thickness range from super-thin to 7/8 inches
  • Non-stick ceramic coating for easy cleanup

2. BESWOOD 10″ Premium Commercial & Home Electric Meat Slicers

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It’s a tad expensive. But for the features it has to offer, this meat slicer fits the bill. It packs 240 watts of slicing power, making it ideal for home and commercial use. The chromium-plated carbon steel blade gives it an upper hand. It’s exceptionally strong, durable, and keeps its sharpness for longer. Even then, it has a built-in sharpener to maintain a razor-sharp edge.

Moreover, it has an adjustable slicing thickness, up to 1/2 inches. Also worth mentioning is the V-belt drive system. It’s a lot quieter and free of vibrations. Thanks to an aluminium body, this meat slicer provides much-needed durability. Furthermore, it has an illuminated power switch to protect against power shock. At 33 pounds, it’s a bit heavier to maximize stability. However, it’s not too cumbersome to carry.

Special Features

  • 240 watts motor makes it suitable for commercial use
  • The chromium-plated carbon steel blade is durable, strong, and keeps its sharpness for longer
  • Built-in sharpener gives the blade a razor-sharp edge
  • The V-belt drive system is quieter and free of vibrations

1. Weston 61-0901-W Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Meat Slicer and Food Slicer

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Weston 61-0901 has a decently powerful motor and a 9-inch smooth edge blade. Together, they provide clean-looking slices up to 1/2-inch thick. For the record, this meat slicer uses a belt-driven motor. Hence, it runs quieter. At 15 pounds, it dwarfs most consumer-grade meat slicers. However, it’s not overly heavy to move around. Not to mention, it adopts a compact footprint to maximize countertop space.

Moreover, it comes with suction cups and a recessed power switch. Thus, you can do the slicing without feeling stressed about safety. Coated steel and aluminium housing provide much-needed durability. Overall, it’s one solid performer for clean-looking slices.

Special Features

  • 9-inch smooth edge blade for clean-looking slices
  • Quiet belt-driven motor
  • Recessed power switch for added safety

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