Top 10 Best Electric Trailer Jacks | Trailer Tongue Jacks Reviews In 2021

Smaller utility trailers are pretty easy to crank by hand. But the same can’t be said for a large camper trailer. It can weigh you down pretty quickly. Hence, you need a time-saver, one that’s crazy fast and strong. And for that, I gladly introduce you to the best electric trailer tongue jacks. Unlike manual counterparts, you only need to hit the button for up and down adjustments. Lest I forget, power tongue jacks also have a manual override. So, they pretty much offer the best of both worlds.

Take it or leave it, choosing the best power tongue jack isn’t going to be that easy. There’s a lot to factor in, including durability, stability, and the noise. Luckily, I have a list of models that meet and exceed such criteria. Without further ado, I give you the best-rated power tongue jacks the market has to offer.

Table of the Best Electric Trailer Jacks Reviews

10. Stromberg Carlson JET-3755 3500 lb Electric Tongue Jack with Light

Electric Trailer Jacks

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Carlson Jet-3755 is an affordable game-changer and a solid replacement to your not-so-smart manual jack. The 2-3/16-inch outer tube has a thick wall that promises rugged durability. It works in tandem with a broad base to support up to 3500 pounds.

Also, this trailer jack gives 18 inches of travel at the push of a button. Not to mention, it offers an additional 5-inch drop-down.

The leveling bubble ensures stability while the night lights aid in low light conditions. Further from the electric mode, this tongue jack has a hand crank for an emergency. So, in case the battery goes dead, you have a backup plan on the ready.


Carlson Jet-3755 is a life-saver and one of the greatest inventions, in my opinion. It’s a bit loud, but not overly noisy as to become a nuisance to those around you.

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9. Weize 3500 Lb. Heavy Duty Power Tongue Jack – Electric Trailer Jacks with Drop Leg

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Weize is a decent jack for the price and welcome addition to any trailer. Be it for RV or 5th wheeler; this tongue jack is up for the task. Also, this trailer jack is waterproof and utilizes a black powder finish. Hence, you can use in extreme weather conditions without the worry of rust or frying electrical components.

Besides the 18-inch lift, this electric tongue jack offers an extra 5-5/8-inch drop leg. It fully extends 27 inches and has a thick 1/4-inch wall for optimal support. At maximum, it can lift 3500 pounds.

Moreover, it has a built-in LED light to illuminate the work area for additional safety. The package also includes a rocker, just in case you want to go manual.


For me, Weize tongue jack is among the best budget buys. Also, I love how the wires are marked to avoid short circuits.

8. RAM EJ-3520-BBX 3,500 lb. Black Electric Trailer Jacks with Drop Leg

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RAM EJ-3520 is a well-built jack that handles the job without hesitation. It has different measures in place to guarantee durability. The zinc finish and powder coating, for instance, keep it free of rust and corrosion. Also, it has hardened steel gears for years of regular use.

This electric jack claims a 7-1/2-inch drop leg. But it turns out to be 5-5/8 inches. However, that doesn’t make it a deal-breaker. After all, it’s about average for most models.

Also, this tongue jack provides 18 inches of travel and extends fully to 28-1/2 inches. It comes with a built-in LED that focuses the light downward to excellent illumination.

Furthermore, the package includes a hand crank for manual override and heavy-duty 12-gauge wires. This tongue jack has a lift capacity of 3500 pounds.


This trailer tongue jack prioritizes durability for years of reliable service. I’d say it’s an excellent middle-of-the-road electric trailer jack for the price.

7. ZENY Electric Boat Trailer Jack 12V 3500 lb A-Frame Trailer Camper Jack

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ZENY is one brand that’s committed to providing high-quality products. Well, this power tongue jack is no exception. It promises rugged durability and is versatile enough to fit any A-frame trailer.

This tongue jack comes in cast steel for remarkable strength and impact resistance. It’s not susceptible to fracture and can support up to 3500 pounds comfortably.

Also, this tongue jack offers 18 inches of travel. Not to mention, it has an adjustable footpad that gives 5-5/8 extra inches.

Even with no power, this electric jack still has you covered, thanks to the manual override. Moreover, the switch is sealed fully for waterproof performance. ZENY electric trailer jack comes with two built-in LED lights.


ZENY power tongue jack offers unquestionable durability. Also, it accommodates a wide range of functional utilities, from boats, RV’s, to campers. Cast steel, in particular, makes it hard to beat for the price.

6. Quick Products JQ-3500B Electric Power Tongue Jack

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Those extra few pounds of lift matters a lot. So far, all models we’ve reviewed offer a lifting capacity of 3500 pounds. But JQ-3500B goes the extra mile to provide a staggering weight limit of 3650 pounds.

You get 18 inches of travel, 5-1/2-inch drop leg, and heavy-duty steel gears that promise lifetime durability. Also, it has a sleek plastic housing that provides a weatherproof barrier to shield electrical components.

Moreover, this electric jack includes LED lights, making it easy to hook up in the dark. And with the leveling cap, you’ll have an easy time positioning the trailer tongue height.


JQ-3500B offers unrivaled at an unbeatable price. Overall, if you need a few extra pounds of lift, this power tongue jack will suffice.

5. Husky HB4500 4500 lbs. Brute Power Jack – Hammer Gray Finish

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Husky HB4500 electric trailer jack lives up to its name. At 4500 pounds, it has the most weight limit on our list. Thanks to a friction-reducing ball screw, this power jack operates smoothly and quietly. Also, it boasts hardened steel gears and weather-resistant finish for maximum durability.

Moreover, HB4500 has three strategically placed LED lights. Hence, it offers excellent illumination, both on the hitch and spring bar area.

Husky HB4500 has a full stroke of 18 inches. Furthermore, it comes with a drop-down leg that provides six extra inches.


Husky HB4500 is your best bet for brute power. It’s pretty quiet and a go-to-choice for heavy campers.

4. Bulldog Drive A-Frame RV Tongue Jack with Spring Loaded Pull Pin 

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Among high-end electric trailer jacks, Bulldog stands tall. It’s powerful, high quality, and retains a new-like appearance for years.

You get a maximum lift of 4000 pounds. Hence, it’s up for the task when it comes to cranking up heavy trailers. Also, it offers 22 inches of travel, one of the best on the market.

This power tongue jack promises rapid lifting action. And in case the battery goes dead, there’s a manual override to take care of things. Moreover, Bulldog comes complete with onboard LED lighting. Hence, you can work it long into the night.


Bulldog never ceases to impress with its tough, trusted electric trailer jacks. On the whole, if you need a high-capacity power tongue jack with industry-leading performance, Bulldog is there for the taking.

3. Goplus 3500 lb Electric Power Tongue – RV Trailer Jack & Boat Jet Ski Trailer Camper

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We all have our preferences regarding the best products that the market has to offer. Some find reassurance in high-end products. But for others, a decent budget buy is the way to go. And for the latter, Goplus electric trailer jack is sure to suffice.

Though the cheapest on our list, this electric jack compares favorably to high-end models. It boasts a solid construction, comprising hardened gears and a black powder coat for durability.

Moreover, Goplus tongue jack provides a lift of 18 inches, pretty much what you get from other models. And with integrated LED lights, darkness is no hindrance.

Regarding compatibility, this electric trailer jack fits 2-2.25-inch tongue mounting holes. Also, it can pump up to 3500 pounds.


If a budget buy is your plan, the Goplus power trailer jack fits the bill. I like that it doesn’t sacrifice quality and performance despite coming at half the price of other models.

2. Lippert 285318 3500LB Black Power Tongue Jack

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Though efficient, noise is a major concern in a good number of power tongue jacks. And if that worries you, Lippert electric jack has the solution.

Thanks to helical-cut gears, this electric trailer jack reduces the noise tremendously. At the same time, the gears improve efficiency and durability. The textured casing isn’t just there for appearances. Interestingly, it protects against chips and cracks.

Moreover, this tongue jack lifts a respectable 3500 pounds and pumps up to 18 inches. At maximum height, it extends 28.75 inches.

Unlike other models that have three LED lights, this tongue jack has four for ample lighting. Among other things, it comes with a manual crank to cater for emergencies.


Low noise level is pretty much the sweet point of this electric tongue jack. So, if you’re after a quiet operation, Lippert tongue jack is for you.

1. Barker 30828 3500 lb. Power Jack

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Once you set your hands on Barker 30828, you’ll never go back to crank. It’s a pretty decent power jack that promises utmost durability and efficiency. This power jack offers 3500 pounds of lift. Not to mention, it has 18 inches of travel and a few extra inches on the leg drop.

A non-cluttered control panel makes it more user-friendly. Also, it comes with a level and night lights for safety.

Barker 30828 assures weatherproof performance. And with a powder coat finish, it neither rusts nor chip off. Also, the package includes a crank handle for manual override.


Barker 30828 offers high-end performance. So, even though a bit expensive than other models in the same category, it’s worth every penny spent.

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