Top 10 Best Floating Water Mats Review In 2021

Floating water mats go by many names: water island, water lounge, water dock, and water pad. But what matters most is that it enables you to make the most out of the lazy, hot summer weather. For instance, you can take refuge in the water by docking in a lagoon, pool, or lake. Also, some go the extra mile to provide a floating platform for yoga moves and games. But to turn every moment in the water into a lifelong memory, you need the best floating water pads the market has to offer.

Tell you what you’re in for a treat. I’ll walk you through the best water mats that deserve the most attention.

Table of the Best Floating Water Mats Review

10. Solstice Sol-Fit Yoga Board

Floating Water Mats

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The Sol-Fit yoga mat doesn’t come cheap. But it keeps you in shape wherever you are. And with remarkable durability, it’s worth every penny.

The mat is 8 feet long and wide enough to accommodate most floor exercises. Also, it has attachment points for resistance bands. As such, it can accommodate a wide range of exercises and yoga moves.

But what I like most is the super-stable design. It has a fin that makes it a bit more stable than other options on the list. Also, the fin allows for easy control. Hence, this yoga mat can double as a paddling board.

Sol-Fit mat adopts a super-rigid inflatable design with durable drop stitching. Also, it’s a good thing that the package includes an air pump.

The front center of the mat has a mount compatible with any GoPro action cameras. Hence, you can capture every moment and share it with the world.

Five reinforced handles and a bonus carrying bag allow for easy transportation. As of the weight limit, this floating yoga mat can support up to 275 pounds.

Who is it for

I’d recommend this floating water mat t anyone who’s into pool yoga.

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9. Intex Tote-N-Float Wave Inflatable Air Mat

Floating Water Mats


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The Tote-N-Float mat is pretty much the most popular, and for valid reasons. It’s super-affordable and one of the most comfortable.

This floating mat keeps you a bit submerged. Hence, you get that refreshing and cooling effect of the water. It’s pretty much something I’d go for in the hot summer weather.

Aside from the bed, this inflatable mat has an integrated pillow. For that, you get great head and neck support, hence more comfort.

The mat has a beautiful wave design that adds more charm. Though cheap, the mat is high in the durability scale. It comes in 10-gauge vinyl to provide more years of use.

Tote-N-Float mate is 90×34 inches. So, it can fit the average person with some room to spare.

Who is it for

Intex Tote-N-Float is for the budget-conscious buyer who wants something comfortable for solo summer relaxation.

8. Texas Recreation Sunsation 1.75-Inch Foam Pool Floating Mattress

Floating Water Mats


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Inflating and deflating a floating water mat might prove tedious to some. In that case, you might consider foam floating mat, the likes of Texas Recreation Sunsation.

The mat has a vinyl-coated surface. Hence, it feels smooth and is easy to wipe clean. Plus, it provides more resistance against the sun, chlorine, and saltwater.

Thanks to a full-rolled pillow, the mat offers comfortable head support. At the same time, it adds buoyancy to the mat.

This floating water mat is 70×26 inches, making it ideal for solo relaxation. Also, it comes in a range of solid colors to match your taste.

Who is it for

Texas Recreation Sunsation is for anyone who wants to relax solo and needs a low-maintenance foam floating mat.

7. Swimline Ultimate Super-Sized Floating MattressFloating Water Mats


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Comfort is the number one thing you look forward to on a lazy day. For that, you have the Swimline Ultimate floating mattress.

This inflatable mat provides hugging comfort and comes complete with an oversized headrest. Also, the edges sit thick when inflated to keep out water and leave you dry.

At 78×34 inches, Swimline Ultimate isn’t as super-sized. Nevertheless, it has more than enough room for one person. Hence, you get some extra room to move around with ease.

This mat isn’t for the big, chubby guys. But it has a respectable weight limit of 200 pounds. For that, it can accommodate any average-sized adult.

Who is it for

Swimline Ultimate is for someone who wants to lounge in absolute comfort.

6. SOWKT Newest Model 18 x 6 Feet Floating Water Pad

Floating Water Mats.

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A floating water mat isn’t only for solo relaxation. Some models are gigantic and accommodate a multitude of people in one go. Well, this lily pad is one such giant.

The mat is a roomy 18×6 foot. Also, it holds a remarkable 1320 pounds. It promises to hold 20 kids and up to 10 average-sized adults.

Despite the monstrous size, the mat weighs only 30 pounds and can roll up tight after use. Hence, transporting it isn’t so much of a problem.

This water mat comes in XPE foam. It’s chemically stable, doesn’t decompose, and is resistant to high temperatures. Also, it reduces noise and impact.

Alongside the mat is a bungee tether leash and carabiner for anchoring. Also, it comes with fastener straps to keep it in a folded position.

Who is it for

I’d recommend this floating mat to someone who wants to relax and have fun with family or friends.

5. Airhead Sun Comfort Cool Suede Pool Mattress

Floating Water Mats


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Airhead Sun Comfort mat adopts a unique design. Instead of one solid piece, it has evenly spaced holes. Hence, it lets you sunbathe while lying in a shallow pool of water.

The mat has two removable pillows and ample room for two. Also, it uses a velvety suede fabric. It’s soft to touch and doesn’t stick to your skin.

Airhead Sun Comfort is an inflatable floating mat. Hence, it rewards you with a lighter design and more buoyancy. Furthermore, it uses a patented speed valve for quick inflating and deflating.

Who is it for

Airhead Sun Comfort is for anyone who wants to sunbathe and still enjoy the water’s refreshing touch. As for the sizeable design and two pillows, I think it’s excellent for anyone who wants to use some company.

4. Intex Giant 9.5′ Inflatable Floating Water Mat

Floating Water Mats


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There are times you’ll be content with whatever mat size you get. But certain occasions might demand more room. For that, you need a floating water mat that’s easy to expand. Well, Intex Giant inflatable mat has you covered.

The mat is 9.5×7 feet, sizeable enough for family and friends. But it goes the extra mile to include four float connectors. Hence, you can link as many mats as you want.

The 20-gauge vinyl fabric has twice the durability of most standard vinyl mats. Also, you get two air chambers, just in case one fails.

Who is it for

I’d recommend Intex Giant to anyone who needs and expandable floating mat for friends and family.

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3. Rubber Dockie Duckling 9×6-Feet Floating Water Mats


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Let not the name fool you into thinking this is one cheap rubber floating mat. Instead, it’s a high-quality mat that comes in closed-cell foam.

Inch for inch, the cell foam affords a lighter construction. For that, it offers easy portability. You can also fold it into a tight roll, making it ideal for places with limited storage.

The Rubber Dockie mat offers rugged durability. The hide holds up well to daily use while the inner layer provides tear-resistant performance. Despite coming tough, the mat is more gentle on the skin.

The mat is available in bright colors for ultimate visibility in high traffic areas. It comes with bungee tether for docking and straps for storage.

Who is it for

Rubber Dockie is ideal for anyone who wants portability and durability in a floating water mat. Also, the sizeable design makes it suitable for family fun.

2. Solstice Inflatable Floating Water Mats


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Solstice floating dock is as tough as they come. Among inflatable floating mats, it’s at the top of the durability scale.

The mat rewards you with a super-rigid construction. And with drop-stitch construction, it promises years of service.

The high-pressure valve makes light work of inflating and deflating. The mat can take 7-10 psi, giving it a solid-like feel. For that, it can hold lots of weight.

Well, Solstice is more than a floating mat for relaxation. You can also turn the deck into your floating yoga mat.

The mat comes with D-ring tie downs for docking. Alongside that are reinforced grab handles for transportation.

Who is it for

Solstice floating dock is for anyone who needs a super-rigid, multi-purpose water mat for yoga and relaxation. And since it can fit up to five people, I’d also recommend it for family fun.

1. SHUININI 2-in-1 Floating Water Mats

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This floating mat combines two functions. You can use it as a standard floating mat for relaxation or as a floating beer pong table for games and competitions.

The mat has 18 built-in pockets or cupholders. Each can fit a 16-ounce party cup for a classic pong game. Also, it can fit 18 ping pong balls.

This dual-purpose floating mat comes in XPE foam. It’s puncture-resistant and tear-resistant for long service life.

The mat is 70×24 inches and can hold up to 250 pounds. Also, it comes with a 5-foot bungee tether for docking.

Who is it for

I’d recommend it for those who need a dual-purpose floating mat for a ping pong game or sunbathing.

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