Top 10 Best Folding Hitch Cargo Carriers with Receiver Reviews In 2021

Once you decide to travel with your friends or family, the first thing which will come to mind is a list of things you need to carry. However, transporting everything can become difficult because of limited space in your cars, and that is where there is a need for hitch cargo carriers. These cargo carriers are the devices that offer additional carrying capacity in ordinary cars. Having them, you carry many items like bicycle, hiking gear, camping equipment, outdoor equipment, and more during your trip. Typically, they are attached to the rear of the vehicle, where they come with different sizes to fit your needs.

The construction is of high-quality material that gives extended-lasting services. Also, they have ample storage space to accommodate large and bulky items you may require during outdoor activities. Mostly, there are many hitch cargo carriers models in the market, and to get the right one is a challenge. This means you need you to be very careful.

Table of the Best Hitch Cargo Carriers Reviews

10. Mockins Folding Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier with Cargo Bag and Net

Hitch Cargo Carriers

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Mockins has come up with this fantastic hitch cargo carrier model that offers many convenient benefits that you have to buy. Notably, the carrier is made from a heavy-duty steel material that ensures long-lasting durability. The 500-lb carrying capacity makes it convenient to carry large luggage, for example, construction materials and camping gear.

Besides, there is the hitch stabilizer, which helps to reduce looseness that may occur in a hitch making the ride stable and free from noise. To ensure your luggage is protected from rain, it comes with a waterproof cargo bag that is resistant to water. In the same way, it has two ratchet straps that hold the luggage in place hence preventing falling when the vehicle is at high speed.

Main features

  • Has heavy-duty steel material which
  • A 500-lb carrying capacity
  • Has hitch stabilizer
  • Waterproof cargo bag
  • Two ratchet straps
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9. Pro Series Rambler Trailer Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier

Pro Series Rambler Trailer Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier

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When going for road trips, tailgates, camping, or other outdoor activities, there is a need for ample storage space and this model is ideal with the carrying capacity of 500 lb and measuring 60″ x 24″. It comes with the side rails, which are 5.5 inches that keep the cargo in place and secure. There are rugged mesh floors that are smart, which makes cleaning easy and fast.

Additionally, the two-piece steel construction makes the carrier strong and sturdy when supporting heavy cargo. In all honesty, to ensure the carrier is protected against rust and scratch, it comes with a powder coat finish, which is durable. The rainproof cargo tray protects the cargo from the wind, rain, and sun exposure hence suitable for sports equipment, camping gear, and more.

Main features

  • Has 5.5 inches side rails
  • Rugged mesh floors
  • Powder coat finish
  • Has the two-piece steel construction
  • Rainproof cargo tray

8. MaxxHaul Steel Folding Hitch Cargo Carriers

MaxxHaul Steel Folding Hitch Cargo Carriers

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If your car is equipped with this cargo carrier, you are sure of enough cargo space because it has the outer size of 60″ x 21″ x 6-1/2″ and internal size of 59″ x 20″ x 5-1/2″. For example, it features high-quality steel construction that facilitates durability and ensures the cargo is safe. The 6-1/2 inch side rails offer protection to the goods transported against falling on the way.

Because of the exposure to different weather elements, the carrier is vulnerable to rusting and corrosion, and the black powder coating resists all of them. It comes with reflectors that help to add visibility at nights to prevent accidents. On the other side, there are locking pins that secure your carrier when it is folded and in use.

Main features

  • High-quality steel construction
  • Has 6-1/2-inch side rails
  • Black powder coating
  • Comes with a reflector
  • Has locking pins

7. Nevlers Folding Hitch Cargo Carriers with Net & Cargo Storage Bag

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This product from Nevlers is well-known because of the outstanding features that you will need your cargo carrier to have. As an illustration, it comes with a waterproof bag that is resistant to rain and snow, making it ideal for the winter seasons. In a like manner, the safety and security of the cargo carrier are enhanced because of two ratchet straps that hold it firm and tight.

Subsequently, the bonus hitch stabilizer plays a crucial role in ensuring your cargo carrier is steady, avoiding rattling and shaking. Equally, with this model, safety is paramount with the reflective strips that increase visibility at night. Also, there is a lifetime warranty, which makes it convenient because in case of any problem you can replace it.

Main features

  • Has a waterproof bag
  • Two ratchet straps
  • Bonus hitch stabilizer
  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Has reflective strips

6. AmazonBasics Hitch Cargo Carriers for Receivers

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Life with this hitch cargo carrier is suitable because you can carry as many luggage as you can because of additional space. Safety of your cargo is guaranteed with the high-quality metal construction, which is durable and long-lasting. Alternatively, side rails help the items to be stored neatly, making it easy to fix with bungee cords and tie-down straps.

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Besides, it comes with the cutouts, which help to make the rear lights of the vehicle remain visible when you are driving.  In the same way, you are assured of impressive loading capacity because of the loading capacity of 500 pounds. Also, in case of any problem you are sure of getting a replacement because it comes with a 1-year warranty which is assured.

Main features

  • Has high-quality metal construction
  • Has side rails
  • Comes with the cutouts
  • Has a loading capacity of 500 pound
  • Has a 1-year warranty

5. Pro Series 63153 Rambler Cargo Carrier Basket for Trailer Mounted Hitch

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Retrospec has come up with this cargo carrier that has fantastic features that make it unique. For instance, it has a sturdy steel construction that makes the carrier able to hold large cargo for a long time due to its sturdiness and durability. Plus, there is durable powder coating all over to protect it against corrosion and rust hence giving long-term use.

Besides, the security of the cargo is paramount when the vehicle is at high speed, and that is why it has the 6-inch rails to protect it from falling and slipping. The 60″ x 24″ mesh platform on the floor makes the work of cleaning it easy because the dirt and dust can slip through the mesh. To elevate the carrier to improves the ground clearance, it has a riser shank, which can be done to any level you want.

Main features

  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Durable powder coating
  • Has 6-inch rails
  • Has 60″ x 24″ mesh platform
  • Has a riser shank

4. Pro Series 63155 Rambler Black Hitch Cargo Carrier for Receivers

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Pro Series has introduced this cargo carrier model in the market because of fantastic features like maximum carrying capacity of 300 lbs and the dimensions of 48″ x 20″. One fascinating aspect of this product is that it has 5.5-inch side rails that help to keep the cargo in place. In all honesty, there are the rugged mesh floors, which are smart and cleaning it is quick and easy.

Moreover, rust and scratches are avoided because of the powder coat finish on the entire carrier. Elevation of the cargo to the required height is achieved because of rising shank design, which improves ground clearance.  The floor or bottom has a sturdy construction, which is best for heavy equipment hence ideal for tailgates, camping, or road trips.

Main features

  • Has 5.5-inch side rails
  • Rugged mesh floors
  • Powder coat finish
  • Rise shank design
  • Has sturdy construction

3. Pro Series 1040100 Solo Black Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier

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The feature like easy to assemble is one of the fantastic features that many hitch cargo carrier owners look at. To improve its effectiveness, it comes with an optional bi-fold ramp that makes loading of wheeled items fast and easy. In the same way, there is a turn brake light kit that works wonderfully to give alert to other vehicles.

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Besides, it has a 400-pound weight capacity, which plays a significant role by ensuring enough weight to carry heavy cargo. Even more, the security of the cargo is guaranteed because of the ratchet straps that hold the cargo tightly to the cargo carrier. The high-quality, durable material creates confidence in carrying the cargo because there is no fear of losing the cargo on the way.

Main features

  • Has optional bi-fold ramp
  • Turn brake light kit
  • Has a 400-pound weight capacity
  • Has ratchet straps
  • High-quality, durable material

2. Lund 601010 Universal Hitch Mounted Steel Cargo Carrier for Receiver

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With this hitch cargo carrier, it has a large load size of 20 inches x 60 inches, which is appropriate for outdoor activities like road trips, tailgates, and camping. There is a 500-pound distribution load capacity that can hold more bulky and weighty items. Attaching the accessories to the carrier is possible because of pre-punched holes, which make work easier.

Additionally, the security of the cargo is paramount because it has the tie-down straps that fasten the cargo with the carrier. Also, there is a feature of the black powder-coated finish plays a significant role in ensuring the durability of the cargo carrier. The assembling process is easy and fast, which only takes some minutes to get the complete carrier.

Main features

  • Has a 500-pound distribution load capacity
  • Has pre-punched holes
  • There are tie-down straps
  • Black powder-coated finish
  • Easy to assemble

1. Pro Series 63153 Rambler  Aluminum Hitch Cargo Carrier

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This model has a spacious design, for it has a dimension of 58″ L x 19 W x 23″ H that can accommodate many items. For example, it comes with a secure fastening system, which is much more comfortable and durable to fasten the items placed on the carrier. More importantly, it has nylon mesh material that helps to store small items safe and secure.

Similarly, there is the double-side vinyl coating that makes it durable and hence lasting for long. The items are safer even during the rainy seasons because it has a 100% rainproof design that can last for years. Above all, it has a 5-year warranty, which is convenient because in the event of a problem you can replace it.

Main features

  • Secure fastening system
  • Nylon mesh material
  • Has a double-side vinyl coatings
  • 100% rainproof design
  • Has a 5-year warranty


The hitch cargo carriers make life easier when carrying items you will need during outdoor traveling.  They give your cars more space, and this is more practical than the trailers. Typically, these carriers are known for carrying heavy equipment, making it easy to create more space to keep your belonging. When buying these models, you need to look for features like easy to install, material making, sturdiness, and size, among others. However, the above cargo carriers are the best products you need to buy to make you enjoy the service for long.

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