10 Best Yoga Inversion Chairs | Upside Down Chairs for Workout Reviews

Are you looking forward to engaging in inversion therapy? If that is the case, an affordable and effortless means to achieve this lies in using the best inversion chair. Such a chair needs to be comfortable, durable, and stable to guarantee safety for the user. Given the range of products available on the market, all claiming to be the best inversion chairs selecting the right product is never an easy task. For this reason, allow me to introduce you to the ten best inversion chairs based on their features and user recommendations.

Table of the Best Inversion Chairs Reviews

10. WonderView Yoga Inversion Chair & Yoga Inversion Bench for Workout, Fitness, and Gym

Inversion Chairs

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Do you want to take your yoga experience to the next level? If so, you should take advantage of the WonderView Yoga Inversion Chair. This chair can help you to build your core strength while practicing inversions, thanks to the lots of features that help with this. Among the features that make the chair worth buying is the steel frame design. The frame is highly stable and durable for safe user experience. Also, there is a high-density PU cushion.

The cushion takes the pressure off the neck and back to enhance your safety and comfort. The feet include non-slip pads for sturdiness and stability. Plus, the steel frame has a durable finish that protects it from rusting and corrosion. Besides using the chair for inversion and yoga practices, this chair is excellent when used in the home gym, as a coffee table, children’s table, or footstool. The chair measures 40cm x 40cm x 37cm. As a result, it is suitable for use in spaces that need a compact inversion chair.

Highlighted features

  • PU material and a 4cm thick sponge for comfort
  • Non-slip pads ensure user safety
  • Thick metal frame for durability.
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9. Milliard Yoga Headstand Bench with Manual – Inversion Chair Trainer & Gym Workout Stool

Milliard Yoga Headstand Bench

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Enjoy the benefits of inversions without pressure on the neck and spine once you acquire Milliard Yoga Headstand Bench. The bench measures 24.5” x 15” x 15.4”. Because of this, you can expect it to fit in small spaces easily. It features a sturdy construction comprising a heavy-duty birch laminate wood frame. As such, it can support your weight without the risk of breakage. The top area features a comfortable padded vinyl cushion.

The cushion takes the pressure off the shoulders and neck for a comfortable practicing experience. Also, there are grippy and non-slip legs. Because of these, you can invert, flex, balance, and stretch without the risk of slipping. The chair includes two quick-release handled screws to ensure easy assembly. Besides functioning like an inversion chair, the product acts like a seat or ottoman that blends with any decor.

Highlighted features

  • Non-slip rubber pads for non-slip performance.
  • Two quick-release screws for easy assembly
  • Durable wood and thick padded vinyl cushion guarantee durability.

8. FeetUp Trainer Turns Your Yoga Upside Down

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The feetUp trainer provides the support you need to take your yoga practices to the next level. It features a sturdy wood frame for durability. Moreover, the chair features a broad base to enhance stability. The trainer is manufactured in Germany under the highest quality standards to guarantee strength and safety. Its top incorporates a leather seat that is not only durable but also easy to clean.

The FeetUp Trainer includes a practitioner’s manual and first inversion guide to guarantee ease of use. Better, it comes with a FeetUp Asanas Poster that shows over 100 yoga, relaxation, and fitness exercises for daily practice. The fact that the chair incorporates vegan leather, naturally renewable wood, makes it one of the best choices for an ethical inversion chair.

Highlighted features

  • Naturally renewable wood construction.
  • Durable and easy to clean leather top.
  • Foam padding for user comfort.

7. SISYAMA Inversion Bench & Yoga Headstand Chair 

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Enhance your safety while performing inversions using Sisyama Inversion Bench. It features a wide, thick, and long cushion for stability and safety. Additionally, the chair features a metal frame. The frame is strong and sturdy to guarantee strength and stability. The chair features a leather top that is not only durable but also easy to clean. Furthermore, it includes self-locking hooks and a foldable design for compact storage after use. With an included instructions manual, you can expect to have an easy time learning to perform different exercises.

Highlighted features

  • Self-locking hooks for easy storage
  • Thick cushion for user comfort.
  • A wide and sturdy frame base guarantees stability.

6. Fitness Yoga Headstand Bench for Practice Head Stand, Shoulderstand & Handstand

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A good partner to get through different inversion exercises is the Fitness Yoga Headstand Bench. It is a solid yoga chair suitable for use by beginners and experts. The chair features a triangular thick alloy stainless steel tube. This design enhances strength and stability so that it can support a weight of up to 440pounds. Also, there are non-slip suction feet. Because of this, you can expect it to deliver stable performance.

A broad and thick U-shaped cushion pad is another plus. It supports the neck and shoulders for a comfortable user experience.  Also, the chair is ergonomically designed so that different users can use it with an assurance of comfort. The U-shaped cushion pad features high-quality PU leather for durability and easy cleaning. Besides that, the bench integrates self-locking hooks for compact folding after use. The handles highlight a non-slip design to protect the users’ hands from slipping during use.

Highlighted features

  • Non-slip handle for user safety
  • The compact footprint fits into small spaces.
  • Easy to fold away for storage

5. MaxKare Yoga Head Stand Wood Inversion Chair 

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The safest way to practice inversions without fear or risk of injury lies in using the MaxKare Yoga Inversion Chair. It is a sturdy chair featuring a thick steel frame. The frame resists rust and corrosion to guarantee reliable performance for years. What’s more, it features non-slip pads. The pads protect it from slipping for user safety. Equipped with a high-density PU cushion, the inversion bench eliminates the pressure from the neck and head for comfort and safety.

Also, the PU material makes it easy to clean without sacrificing strength. The inversion chair features a compact footprint that enables it to fit into small spaces easily. Moreover, it has a broad base that guarantees stability. Besides functioning like an inversion chair, the bench acts like a footstool, children’s table, or coffee table.

Highlighted features

  • Non-slip pad for user safety.
  • Thick steel and reinforced design for durability
  • PU material and a 4cm thick sponge enhance user comfort.

4. THUNDESK Yoga Inversion Chair for Balance Training Core Strength Building

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Take your yoga practice to the next level using the Thundesk Inversion chair. It is a unique training partner designed to enhance your motivation and relax you after a full-body workout. The inversion bench features a compact footprint, thus an ideal addition to small spaces. It is constructed from a single bent piece for flexibility and strength.

Its frame is made using high-quality beech wood that supports a 300lbs maximum weight capacity. The bench features a faux leather material for durability and easy cleaning. Because of the foam padding, this chair can provide sufficient comfort and support. Its back legs are designed at an angle for additional stability.

Highlighted features

  • Single bent piece for strength and flexibility
  • Faux-leather construction for durability.
  • Foam padding for user comfort.

3. Coopeter Headstand Bench Yoga with Handles for Workout, Fitness & Gym

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Experience the exciting benefits of inversion using Coopeter Yoga Inversion Chair. It is an ergonomically designed chair that features a novel design. Because of this, all users can use it with an assurance of comfort. Additionally, the chair incorporates a durable design. Its frame features a steel frame that resists rust and corrosion. On the other hand, the bench features a PU cushion that is not only durable but also easy to clean.

The bench incorporates thick pads to offer better protection for the head, neck, and shoulders. At the same time, the frame is designed according to the physical engineering standards for a safe and comfortable practice experience. The inversion chair is suitable for use in small spaces, thanks to the compact footprint. Besides that, it acts as a multipurpose chair that’s suitable for use as a footstool once you replace the yoga block.

Highlighted features

  • Feet rubber pads for stability.
  • The sturdy steel frame guarantees strength.
  • Cushioned bench for user comfort.

2. Evolution Health USA Bodylift Headstand Bench & Yoga Chairs

Headstand Bench & Yoga Chairs

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The right partner that will help you engage in a variety of exercises is the Evolution Health Yoga Chair. It is a sturdy chair that is constructed using oval-shaped metal legs. The legs are sturdier than a range of wood models to guarantee user safety and reliable performance for years. What’s more, the metal frame features a silver finish. Because of this, it can resist rust and corrosion for long-term performance.

The chair incorporates a black padded foam cushion to guarantee user comfort. Moreover, the foam cushion is covered with vegan leather material for durability and easy cleaning. With an included seat insert, this chair doubles like a stool after use. Under the seat insert, there are detailed instructions to guarantee ease of use. The chair measures 14″H x 18″L x 20″ W while it weighs 11 lbs to enhance portability and the ability to fit into compact spaces.

Highlighted features

  • Molded padded cushion for user comfort
  • Included seat insert so that you can use the yoga bench like a footstool.
  • Silver metal legs enhance sturdiness and stability.

1. EveryMile Wood and PU Pad Yoga Inversion Stand Chair 

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The EveryMile Yoga Headstand Bench provides a safe and reliable way to build your core strength and practice yoga inversions. It is fitted with a high-density PU cushion. The cushion features four layers of the thick sponge so that it can relieve the pressure off the head and neck for a comfortable practice. Moreover, the PU material enhances durability without compromising the ease of cleaning. The chair features a solid wood frame for durability and an environmentally-friendly performance.

You can acquire it for use by people with a weight of up to 300lbs. The reason is the H-type stable frame that delivers reliable hardness and toughness. Additionally, the product is an ideal choice for a yoga chair that is easy to set up. The reason is the quick-release handle screw that guarantees easy assembly and disassembly. The chair’s bottom incorporates non-slip silicone pads to protect it from slippage during use. Moreover, there is a convex cushion that enhances versatility so that you can use it as a footstool or yoga bench.

Highlighted features

  • Quick-release handle screw for fast and effortless assembly
  • Natural silicone pads for non-slip performance.
  • Four layers of thick sponge for user comfort


Inversion therapy means hanging upside down so that the head is below the heart level. It aids with better breathing, a boost of the digestion, better blood circulation, mood improvement, among others. Therefore, try out one of the reviewed products and gain the benefits of inversion from the comfort of your home.

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