Top 10 Best Motorcycle Tank Bags Review In 2021

Riding a motorcycle is fun. It lets you enjoy the fresh air and panoramic views. Well, you rarely find such a level of satisfaction from other vehicles. However, it’s a bit lacking when it comes to storage space. Luckily, there’s a solution, one that won’t come in your way. Though it doesn’t look like much, investing in the best motorcycle tank bags will reward you with remarkable storage space.

But as with any other vehicle accessories, the quality varies dramatically from one bag to another. Hence, to help you get the best, I’ll review the best-rated motorcycle tank bags to consider.

Table of the Best Motorcycle Tank Bags Reviews

10. Wilove ATV UTV Snowmobile Motorcycle Tank Bag

Motorcycle Tank Bags

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This bag might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of motorcycle tank bags. After all, the design is a bit different from standard motorcycle tank bags. But for a saddle tank bag, it offers remarkable service.

The army green camo gives this bag a hard-ass appeal. Even more, it comes tough, thanks to the 600D canvas fabric. It’s waterproof and weather-resistant. Though tough, it’s soft enough not to scratch the paint off your bike.

The bag has a center hole, strategically positioned to go over the gas cap. Hence, you don’t have to dismount when filling the tank.

This tank bag doesn’t have a strap to fasten under the tank. However, there’s a place to run a strap from side to side. Hence, you can buy a strap separately for the purpose.

The bag has two deep side pockets. Alongside that is an insulated drink holder pocket that can fit a 24oz bottle.

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9. Cortech Super 8230 Low-Profile Motorcycle Tank Bag

Motorcycle Tank Bags

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Cortech Super 8230 is as durable as they come. It’s a blend of 1600D and 1800D heavy-duty fabrics.

The bag offers a tough, basket-weave design that has excellent abrasion resistance. Hence, it’s ideal for rugged applications where abrasion resistance and strength are a top priority.

Aside from impeccable durability, this bag rewards you with an expansion feature. Hence, you can increase the volume from 5-10 liters.

Cortech Super 8230 has multiple pockets. But the most notable is the removable map pocket. It has a touchscreen-friendly cover, allowing you to use your phone while tucked inside.

This bag comes with a strap mount. But it’s also available in a magnetic mount version. Well, the straps aren’t long enough to use as a backpack once strapped off the tank. However, it comes with a carry handle for easy transportation.

Cortech Super 8230 adopts a low-profile design. Hence, it doesn’t come in your way. Also, it comes with reflective piping that makes you visible to other motorists.

8. American Trails – ATV Saddle Tank Bag

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The American Trails bag rewards you with more straps, five to be precise. Plus, they’re adjustable, making this bag an ideal choice for tanks of various configurations.

The bag has two side pockets for GPS, gloves, and other accessories. Also, the side pockets come a bit narrow. Hence, they provide ample clearance for the shift lever. Alongside that is a right pocket that can hold a 16.9oz water bottle.

At the top is a clear plastic pocket, an ideal place for your map and phone. Also, the bag has a main padded compartment. It’s ideal for sensitive items, such as binoculars.

Furthermore, the main compartment has a flap cover. Hence, it’s entirely waterproof to keep your sensitive items dry.

7. Nelson-Rigg RG-1045 Trails End Adventure Motorcycle Tank Bag

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The RG-1045 comes a bit expensive than other contenders. However, it rewards you with top-quality construction and expanded storage.

The bag comes in Ultra-Max polyester. It’s 100% waterproof and boasts the highest UV protection of any cover.

Also, it rewards you with pretty sturdy construction that doesn’t lose shape. Alongside that, it comes with heat-tapered seams and reflective piping.

The bag has two side pockets for small accessories. The top has a clear pocket for your map and touchscreen device. Also, the bag has a main compartment with a padded bottom. It cushions sensitive items when bouncing down dirt roads.

When more room is needed, you can expand the bag from 12.39 to 16.52 liters. Well, RG-1045 is designed to strap onto the motorcycle tank. Moreover, it adopts a narrow design. Hence, it rewards you with ample handlebar clearance.

The package includes more than the tank bag. It also comes with a waterproof rain cover for additional protection.


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6. Lozom Waterproof Motorcycle Tank BagMotorcycle Tank Bags


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Lozom is a nice, compact bag for small stuff. It attaches to the tank via four powerful magnets. Well, it can stay put, even above highway speeds. But for more reassurance, it comes with a separate belt to fasten it to the tank.

Despite the name, this bag is water-resistant. Hence, it’s not ideal for use under a heavy downpour. But in light rain, it holds up well.

The bag has four pockets. Among them is a clear pocket for your phone and map. Also, the bag has cable-ready audio access. Hence, you can fit your headphone cable and play some music on the phone.

5. Chase Harper USA 450 Magnet Tank Bag

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Chase Harper 450 is a highly-durable bag. It comes in industrial-grade ballistic nylon complete with urethane coating. Hence, it’s water-resistant and tear-resistant.

The bottom comes in non-slip rubberized material. It provides additional grip and some form of cushioning for sensitive items. Also, it keeps the tank free of scratches.

Well, Chase Harper 450 uses magnets to keep in one place. But these aren’t your average magnets. Instead, it uses super-strong Neodymium magnets. They keep the bag intact, even at blazing speeds.

The bag has ample storage. It includes a removable touch-sensitive pouch for your map, phone, or other navigators. Also, it has several full-length pockets, comprising a zippered pocket, main compartment, and mesh pocket.

Well, the storage options don’t end there. The bag also has a bungee cord storage system. Hence, it can accommodate other unwieldy items.

4. OH Motor Waterproof Motorcycle Tank Bag

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The OH Motor tank bag comes in 1680D canvas fabric. Hence, it promises waterproof performance and exceptional resistance to wear and tear. More so, it comes with a waterproof cover for added protection.

The bag mounts on to the tank via strong magnets. It promises to stay put at speeds of up to 75 mph.

Also, this bag offers ample storage, thanks to the 5-pocket configuration. It has side pockets, a clear touch-sensitive pocket, and the main compartments. The clear pocket can fit up to 6-inch phones. And because it’s touch-sensitive, you can use your phone as a GPS.

The bag isn’t expandable. Nevertheless, it has an impressive storage volume of 10 liters.

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3. LEXIN LX-MTB03 Motorcycle Tank Bag

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The LX-MTB03 is the smallest tank bag on the list. It’s specially designed to hold phones, cash, ID, and cards, and other small documents.

The clear phone pouch can fit up to 6.5-inch screen sizes. Also, the clear film is touch-sensitive. Hence, you can use your phone as you would normally, even while putting on gloves.

The phone pouch is well ventilated. Also, there’s a mesh pocket for documents. Hence, your phone won’t overheat. Nor will your documents become sweaty.

This bag holds onto the tank using magnets. Owing to the small design, it can fit any motorcycle.

2. Coleman Magnetic Motorcycle Tank Bag

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Coleman needs no introduction. It’s one brand that never ceases to amaze with affordable quality. And that’s what you get with this motorcycle tank bag.

The bag comes in 1680D ballistic-grade polyester. It’s a heavy-duty fabric with excellent durability and breathable properties. Also, it’s waterproof. Hence, it will hold up for years and keep your items dry.

Coleman bag offers expandable storage. Hence, it can pack quite a good number of items. But even in expanded mode, it doesn’t come in the way of the speedometer and other controls.

There are different storage options. You get a side pocket, main compartment, and a clear map pocket.

The bag has a non-slip, scratch-resistant bottom that keeps it from sliding. But the most grip comes from strong magnets. The bag also has cable access to let you charge your phone or play music while on the go.

1. Givi EA106B Easy-Magnet Tank Bag

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I wrap up the list with 2020s best-seller, Givi EA106B. It comes small but packs amazing features.

Most bags attach to the fuel tank using four magnets. Well, the EA106B uses only two magnets. Still, it offers excellent grip, even at high speeds.

This bag has 6 liters of storage volume. It includes a front pouch, clear touch-sensitive phone pocket, and the main compartment. Also, it comes with double zippers that can fit a lock for added security.

The bag is water-resistant and includes a rain cover for additional protection. Moreover, it has a reflective strip for added safety on the road.

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