10 Best Portable Pedal Exercisers | Exercise Peddlers Reviews In 2021

Desk jobs, intimidating crowded gyms, and lack of ample space for bulky exercise equipment can stand between you and a decent exercise routine. But not anymore. There’s an affordable solution, one that you can use anytime and anywhere. Enter pedal exercisers.

As compact as they’re, pedal exercisers provide invaluable benefits. Through low-impact cardio workout, they improve circulation and help you recuperate from injuries. And if you didn’t know, an hour on this under-desk bike equals more than a mile’s walk. To enable you to get the most out of your pedal exerciser, we review the best-rated models that are pretty much the industry’s gold standard.

Table of the Best Pedal Exercisers Reviews

10. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0891 Under Desk Pedal Exercisers – Desk Elliptical Mini Exercise Bike

Pedal Exercisers

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SF-B0891 pedal exerciser offers smooth and quiet magnetic resistance, adjustable across eight levels. But to squeeze the most out of your pedal exerciser, it incorporates a 3.52-pound belt-driven flywheel.

The flywheel puts constant load to your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Hence, it helps you build strength, regardless of the point and angle of movement. So, be it for rehabilitation, knee replacement, or immediate goals, SF-B0891 will suffice.

Well, SF-B0891 is a little on the heavier side at 19 pounds. However, the extra weight keeps it stable. Plus, it’s not overly heavy to sacrifice portability. And with a very low profile, this leg exerciser fits pretty much anywhere.

Also, SF-B0891 uses an upgraded digital monitor. It displays speed, time, distance, and calories.


SF-B0891 is a pedal exerciser that lets you stride towards your fitness goals smoothly, quietly, and consistently. The quiet magnetic tension makes it ideal for both home and office use.

9. Platinum Fitness PFP2100 Folding Pedal Exerciser Machine

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PFP2100 Fit Sit doesn’t offer the convenience of high-end magnetic pedal exercisers. But among foldable, travel-friendly friction adjustable models, it’s one step ahead.

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New Cool-Rev technology is perhaps the most outstanding feature. It eliminates overheating issues, making it a deluxe choice for long hours of an intense workout.

Also, this pedal exerciser is very light at 6 pounds and folds for travel. But to compensate for ultra-light design, it has an anchor strap to keep it from sliding. Folding and assembling this pedal exerciser is entirely tool-free, adding more convenience.

Moreover, it uses an electronic monitor. It tracks calories, RPM, time, and count. Furthermore, this pedal exerciser offers the most color options. You can choose from five colors.


PFP2100 Fit Sit Deluxe is a travel-friendly pedal exerciser that allows you to pedal harder and longer without overheating. Hence, it’s ideal for intense workout routines.

8. DeskCycle Under Desk Pedal Exercisers –  Stationary Mini Exercise Bike for Office, Home Equipment

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Nice things come in small packages. Such is the case with this pedal exerciser. Alongside its successor, DeskCycle 2, it has the lowest profile. And for that, you can pedal under a 27-inch desk comfortably.

The 8-level magnetic resistance affords a super-silent operation. And with high-inertia flywheel, it rewards users with a smooth, pedal motion. Also, you can pedal forward or backward, allowing you to work opposite muscle groups.

Well, more than the standard metrics, this pedal exerciser supports an online calorie calculator. And at 1000 minutes, it has ten times the track time of average pedal exercisers.

At 23 pounds, DeskCycle is a bit beefier than other models. Also, it has an extra-large base. And for that, it sits stable on all surfaces.

The digital monitor is removable. Hence, you can place it on top of your desk for easy reading. The monitor displays time, calories, distance, and RPM.


DeskCycle is a convenient cardio solution that allows you to stay active at home or in the office. An online calorie calculator, in particular, is an excellent addition.

7. Hausse Portable Exercise Pedal Bike for Legs & Arms – Mini Exercise Peddler with LCD Display

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Don’t expect high-end features in this pedal exerciser. Even then, it packs all the basic features at a much more affordable price.

This pedal exerciser has a sizeable base. And with an anchoring strap, it offers superior stability. There’s no unnecessary weight to this leg exerciser. At 8 pounds, it’s easy to pick up after use.

Moreover, it offers adjustable friction resistance. It isn’t calibrated. However, it has what it takes to push you to the limit with a simple rotation of the knob. Also, it has an adjustable foot band, providing a perfect fit for different sizes of feet.

Furthermore, it uses an electronic monitor to track time, distance, count, and calories.


This pedal exerciser is a decent budget buy for under-desk exercises. If you want a pedal exerciser for physical therapy, this under-desk bike will suffice.

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6. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0418 Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike

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Sunny has a decent lineup of pedal exercisers. And among the best sellers, SF-B0418 takes the top spot.

It’s taller than the SF-B0891. Hence, it needs a little extra under-desk clearance. But then, the taller design brings the monitor closer, making it easy to read.

SF-B0418 adopts a beefier construction of 21 pounds and one of the largest bases. Hence, it’s super-stable and supports a massive 220 pounds.

SF-B0418 provides the quietness of 8-level magnetic tension, making it ideal for a shared workspace. Also, it provides room for fine-tuning, making it excellent for both kids and adults.

Most models boast time, distance, speed, and calorie display. However, this pedal exerciser goes the extra mile to include an odometer. As such, it’s able to display the distance traveled in real-time.


SF-B0891 is a stable pedal exerciser that combines maximum performance and portability. Also, if you want to track the distance in real-time, this pedal exerciser would be an excellent choice.

5. Vaunn Medical Pedal Exerciser – Exercise Pedals for Arms and Legs

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Unlike other models, the Vaunn pedal exerciser doesn’t have a display monitor. But in terms of durability, this pedal exerciser is one step ahead. It has a one-piece steel frame that can take a ton of weight. Also, it’s coated in chrome, allowing it to remain rust-free for the entire lifespan.

Moreover, this pedal exerciser is as stable as it’s durable. It has extra-large feet. And with the one-piece structure, it won’t wobble or slide around.

Though stable and durable, this pedal exerciser affords a lighter construction of 3.8 pounds for easy portability. Moreover, it comes fully assembled, and you can wipe it clean easily.


Vaunn is a no-frills budget pedal exerciser that offers lifetime durability. Also, it offers decent friction adjustable resistance for physical therapy.

4. BOOKCYCLE Mini Pedal Exercisers for Leg and Arm Exercise

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Though a budget pedal exerciser, it borrows some features of elite models. For instance, it’s redesigned to include a 5-pound flywheel. As such, it affords smooth, pedaling without the risk of overheating. Not to mention, it’s quiet enough for office use.

The shell comes in plastic. But don’t mistake this for a cheap, wobbly pedal exerciser. It has s steel frame inside for firm, stable performance.

Also, this pedal exerciser falls under the lightweight category, weighing only 13 pounds. And with a compact design, it presents no portability issues.

This friction adjustable pedal exerciser uses an electronic monitor. It allows you to monitor time, distance, count, and calories.


This pedal exerciser is a budget buy, no doubt. But with the 5-pound flywheel, it outperforms most models in its class.

3. Vive Portable Mini Cycle Bike for Under Office Desk – Stationary Exercise Leg Peddler

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A fitness app and quiet magnetic resistance for the price of this pedal exerciser is a steal. After all, few models can boast such features at this price range. The fitness app offers more than tracking software. It also includes training videos to give you a better start.

The magnetic tension offers smooth, ultra-quiet workout ideal for office environments. Though not calibrated, it provides an adjustable resistance for a customizable workout.

Vive pedal exerciser is pretty stable in itself. But for more reassurance, it comes with an anchor strap that fastens to a chair for added stability. It allows users to track time, speed, distance, and calories.


Vive is a compact under-desk pedal exerciser. The fitness app and training videos, in particular, make it an excellent choice for starters.

2. CNTLIFE CNTLIFE Portable Stationary Mini Exercise Bike

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This under desk bike isn’t from a brand many can familiarize with. But there’s no denying that it’s gaining traction by the minute. More so, positive feedback across a wide range of users.

CNTLIFE pedal exerciser is among the most portable. It weighs only 5 pounds, four times less than most models. Also, it’s foldable after use for compact storage and transportation.

Despite the compact ultra-light construction, this exercise bike doesn’t wobble or slide during use. And to ensure that, it has a bonus strap that anchors it to a chair.

Also, this pedal exerciser adopts more easy-going tension. So, it’s ideal for those who are not physically fit, including the elderly. Using an electronic display, you can monitor time, count, calories, and RPM.


CNTLIFE is a wallet-friendly pedal exerciser for travel. At 9.4 inches, it rewards users with a low pedal height. Hence, it’s ideal for most desks.

1. DeskCycle Under Desk Cycle, Pedal Exerciser – Stationary Mini Exercise Bike

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DeskCycle 2 is an upgrade of its already perfect predecessor, the DeskCycle pedal exerciser. In a nutshell, this pedal exerciser is on its league and the best overall.

DeskCycle 2 packs more extra features than other models. For instance, it has an adjustable pedal height of 9-10 inches and 10,000 minutes of display time. Also, the detachable monitor comes with a stand. As such, you can place anywhere on your desk, making it easier to read without having to peep under the desk.

Like DeskCycle, DeskCycle 2 offers allows you to fine-tune the resistance to eight levels. Depending on how fast you pedal, it can offer as much as 2-10 times the resistance of other pedal exercisers.

Also, this pedal exerciser allows you to pedal backward or forward, allowing you to work all muscles. The digital monitor tracks RPM, time, distance, and calories. Moreover, it includes an online calorie calculator for better weight management.


DeskCycle 2 is a top-of-the-line pedal exerciser with adjustable legs. The online calorie calculator, in particular, makes it ideal for weight management.

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